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I, Lunatim Rex the Only, invite you into the Kinetic Kingdom to partake of the fascinating videos and pictures contained herein!

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I worked with Sprice and other artists in Detroit on July 15th-18th, creating the Incredible Science Machine, at the Michigan Science Center. In March of 2015, I created a gadget for the Body and Machine exhibition with Jack Pavlik in Minneapolis. On March 31, 2015, I received my third Guinness World Record certificate for the stick bomb I detonated with students in Lakeview, Oregon, in August of 2014. On May 29th and 30th, I demonstrated kinetic art at the Maker's Faire at the State Fair Grounds.

On February 11, Guinness World Records formally adjudicated the 17,822-stick stick bomb made in August in Lakeview, Oregon, as a new world record--whoo, hoo! In fulfillment of my Kickstarter project, The Artsy-Fortsy Project, I produced a cool video, Kinetic Ballet, which I put in the Public Domain. Enjoy!

On October 18 and 19, 2014, I created several gadgets for the Home Improvement/Healthy Life Expo at the Convention Center in Minneapolis. On November 19, 2014, I held a workshop on kinetic art and Rube Goldberg gadgets at the River's Edge Academy in Saint Paul.

During the Spring and Summer of 2011, I was a contestant on America's Got Talent on NBC. I made it all the way to 13th place, out of 25,000 auditions, and barely missed out on making the Top Ten. Here's a link to one of my Facebook fan pages. I made five appearances on the show. My first appearance at the Minneapolis audition featured a stick bomb and my second appearance in Las Vegas featured a clever-lever gadget. After my quarter-final disaster, I did make a successful comeback during the Wild Card round with this herringbone chain which got thunderous applause from the audience and Piers Morgan even genuflected before me and proclaimed that I was truly the King. For my Semi-Final gadget, I went with a world-record clever-lever gadget that shot ping-pong balls and candy over much of the audience, even hitting Howie Mandel in the face with a ping-pong ball. (Yes, he was practicing 'safe sticks' by wearing safety goggles.) You can also check out the official Kinetic King page on NBC's website here, or an article in the Daily Mail. Whoo, hoo!

The Fun Stuff

Click on the icon below to go to my extensive collection of kinetic gadget videos.


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Public Exhibitions

I've made so many public appearances with my kinetic art lately, that I've created a subpage devoted exclusively to public exhibitions of my kinetic art! Click on the icon below to check it out.

The History of Stick Bombs

There's an almost complete lack of information anywhere on the development of stick bombs, so I decided to use my expertise on the subject to write up a history.

What is Kinetic Art?

To the uninitiated, my kinetic gadgets are gnarly chain-reaction devices that collapse and explode in, like, really cool ways; to the discerning aesthete, they're mechanically-iterative, entropy-generating entities designed to confront the observer's pre-conceived notions about Newtonian physics and challenge their paradigms for processing reductivistic-mechanistic Weltanschauungen from a post-modernistic perspective. (Well, not really...)

Much more than mere domino tumbling, my kinetic gadgets use a wide variety of chain-reaction techniques of my own invention and they have Dalíesque names like Experimental Polymodal Slack-Generating Apparatus #9 and Test Detonation of 0.2 Kilostick Boosted-Yield Xyloexplosive Device #1. Not only can my gadgets collapse and explode in many ways, but they can play music tunes and have animation in them.

Kinetic art is a new, open-ended art medium whose potential has barely been tapped. The number of chain-reaction techniques is virtually limitless. You might find these articles on mechanical explosives and kinetic computing to be interesting. Enjoy!

Links to other kinetic art pages.

Professional Information

My kinetic gadgets are truly one-of-a-kind as many of the techniques used are of my own invention and seen nowhere else. Their strong visual impact and their ability to incorporate logos or jingles into the design make my gadgets ideal for commercials. They've been in museum exhibitions where they always draw a crowd and have appeared on television several times. If you're a video production house looking for a unique idea for a short art film, I have a scenario available upon request. If you're a representative of a toy company looking for new product ideas (like the perfect domino, which nobody seems to get right), send me an e-mail. If you're a new band trying to get a killer music video on a reasonable budget, please shoot me an inquiry. If you have any other business inquiry regarding my kinetic art, please feel free to contact me at lunatimrex@gmail.com .

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