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Kinetic Ballet
The video I produced for my Kickstarter project, The Artsy-Fortsy Project, is a collection of weird and wonderful clips set to the enchanting xylophone and marimba music of Reg Kehoe and His Marimba Queens.

Gadget Created for the Body and Machine Exhibition in Minneapolis
In March of 2015, I created a small gadget for Jack Pavlik's exhibition at the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis.

Guinness World Record Stick Bomb, 17,822 Sticks!
In August of 2014, I went to Lakeview, Oregon, to work with students at the local library to make a world record attempt. It's more fun than you can shake XXX sticks at!

Gadget Created at the Home Improvement Expo on October 19, 2014
On October 18 and 19, I created gadgets for the Home Improvement/Healthy Life Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Nothing Earth-shattering, but still fun to watch.

Kinetic Gadget Created at the Family Museum on March 14, 2014
For the third year in a row, I had a successful gig at the Family Museum in Bettendorf, Iowa. Whoo, hoo!

Clever Levers 1001
After years of requests, I finally got around to making a tutorial on the clever lever technique which I invented in 2007. Whoo, hoo!

Channel Trailer - The Kinetic King
Nothing fancy, just a promotional trailer for my YouTube channel. You will have too much fun!

Improvisational Gadget Created for Gabe and Enzo's Birthday #1
Just a small gadget I created on January 4th, 2014 for a double birthday party for my two nephews. Enjoy!

Gadget Created for the 2013 Home Improvement / Healthy Life Expo in Minneapolis
A modest gadget I created at the Minneapolis Convention Center on October 19th, 2013. Whoo, hoo!

Improvisational Gadgets Created at K-State
A couple of small gadgets I created in the student union at Kansas State in Manhattan, Kansas in October of 2013.

Gadget Created for the Lakeville Home Improvement & Design Expo
A small gadget I created for the Expo Guys in Lakeville, Minnesota on April 27, 2013. Whoo, hoo!

Tuna Melt
My first serious music video! I made this in February 2013 in the Ohage Mansion in Saint Paul. I worked with Pomp & Clout and Pier Pictures, and this was produced for Canadian musician A-Trak.

Tuna Melt: Behind the Scenes
Yes, Tuna Melt has its own official 'making of' video. You can see Yours Truly working on the video and get an idea of how much work went into it.

Test Detonation of World's First Vertical Clever Lever Gadget
I finally figured out a practical way to make an exploding clever lever chain run up a wall. More fun than you can shake a stick at!

'Nuff Said
A quick project I made the day the Supreme Court defeated the DOMA to show my support of LGBT Americans.

Hideaway with Tom Moon
A small project where I combined a 'distressed' version of Frenetic Kinetics with Tom Moon's song, Hideaway, for a unique effect.

World's First Self-Supporting 3-D Stick-Bomb Structure
My first experimental 3-D stick bomb structure that's free-standing. A lot of different techniques are being tested for the first time in this device.

Negative Entropy
My first music video project combining a kooky old xylophone instrumental with clips of kinetic-art videos.

Improvisational Smashterpiece #2
I was curious as to how many ping-pong balls I could explode into the air at one time.

Improvisational Smashterpiece #1
The first classic "kitchen sink" gadget I've made in a very long time.

X Cubed or, Xyloexplosives in the Third Dimension
A small collection of videos of my latest experiments in making three-dimensional stick bombs.

Clever-Lever Gadget Created for the Minneapolis Home Improvement/Healthy Life Expo
A moderately large clever-lever gadget I created on October 20, 2012 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The Kinetic King Visits Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne
On October 6th, 2012, I detonated two clever-lever gadgets for Ivy Tech as part of their Inspire Academy program to encourage science education among kids. Whoo, hoo, Hoosiers!

Kinetic King's Believe It or Stick It!
A collection of some of the more offbeat and unusual stick bombs from the cutting edge of the xyloexplosive arts!

World's First 3-D Stick Bomb!
My first truly three-dimensional stick bomb. Whoo, hoo!

Detonation of Stick Bomb with 7,255 Sticks for the World Record on April 27, 2012
I hadn't attempted a Guinness World Record stick bomb in a while, so I thought I'd make an attempt for the Saint Paul Art Crawl. It was a smashing success--whoo, hoo!

Detonation of 728-Element Clever-Lever Gadget for the World Record at the Family Museum on March 24, 2012
Even if Guinness is unwilling to start a "largest clever-lever device" category, this was still a very cool detonation.

The Kinetic King Visits the Family Museum in Bettendorf, Iowa
During March 20-24, 2012, I created five different gadgets on five different days at the Family Museum and all of them worked very well.

Gadget Created for the Tucson Festival of Books
A simple gadget created at the Bear Down Gym at the University of Arizona.

Large-Scale Test of Implosion Bomb
Test of a moderately large implosion bomb with 200 elements.

Stick Bomb Detonated for the ASQ World Conference in Anaheim
A medium-sized stick bomb I created in the Anaheim Convention Center and detonated on May 22, 2012.

Gadget Detonated at the National Museum of Play on June 3rd, 2012
I had a gig at the National Museum of Play in Rochester in June, 2012 and this is one of the gadgets from that gig.

Gadget Created for the Erdmann Family Reunion
Just a small gadget I created for a family reunion in June of 2012.

3100 Pick-Up, or World Record Herringbone Chain Detonated on November 18, 2011
I figured it was about time to make a world-record attempt with my herringbone technique. This event ended up on the evening news at KARE-11 television. Whoo, hoo!

Herringbones 1001: The Basics of Falling-Stick Chains
I invented herringbone chains back in the late 1980s and they're still one of my all-time favorite chain reactions. Learn the basics of herringbones with this tutorial, the only one of its kind on the Internet!

Xyloexplosives 2002: Intermediate Stick-Bomb Design
My second stick-bomb tutorial explores advanced topics like the cobra and diamond weaves, firebreaks, and stick-bomb fields. Even more fun than you can shake a stick at!

Detonation of 6,767-Stick and 6,818-Stick Bombs for the World Record in October 2011
Since it's been over a year since I set a new world record for stick bombs, I decided to beat my old record. The first attempt was interesting, but locked up, while the second attempt was a success. The second attempt is also the largest stick-bomb field I have made to date.

World Record Stick Bomb Detonated On July 28, 1914
An odd little film discovered in a deep, forgotten vault beneath the Nerdotronic Laboratories. Proof that one of my Kinetic Kinfolk was setting stick-bomb records back in the Good Ol' Days. 23 skiddoo!

Xyloexplosives 1001: Introduction to Large Stick Bombs
Here it is, the tutorial everybody has been asking about! Explore the virgate arts as you learn the basics of making big stick bombs. More fun than you can shake a stick at!

A cool collection of test videos of my latest stick-bomb innovations, jazzed up with photoshopping and wacky sound effects. Whoo, hoo!

Detonation of 4,242-Stick Xyloexplosive Device for the World Record on October 8th, 2010
My latest world-record stick bomb made out of 4,242 sticks and detonated for the October Saint Paul Art Crawl. It's more fun than you should be allowed to have!

Frenetic Kinetics!
A cool kinetic-art video made during the Winter of 2009-2010 and featuring many cool and innovative techniques. Whoo, hoo!

Detonation of 3200-Stick Xyloexplosive Device for the World Record on June 4th, 2010
An earlier world-record stick bomb made with 3200 tongue depressors and detonated in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on June 4th, 2010. More fun than you can shake a stick at!

Detonation of 360 Element Clever-Lever Gadget for the World Record on March 30th, 2010
I wasn't content with the gadget created on March 21st, so I did another clever-lever gadget that was even bigger. You'll get a real blast out of this!

A compilation of stick-bomb detonations and other explosions culled from my extensive archives of kinetic-art videos. Includes new video and video that has never been released on the Internet before. Ka-boom!

Escape to the Third Dimension
My biggest and best stop-motion animation video so far! Done with a strong kinetic-art flavor, this also has cool sound effects and a few tricks thrown in for good measure. Ha-hah!

Xtreme Xyloexplosive Xperiments
A sequel of sorts to Xyloexplosive Xperiments, this is a collection of slow-motion test videos of my latest and most innovative ideas in the art of stick-bomb making. More fun than you can shake a--well, you get the idea...

Detonation of 2250-Stick Xyloexplosive Device for the World Record on 11/12/09
An earlier world-record stick bomb containing 2250 sticks and detonated in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on November 12th, 2009. On March 11th, 2010, Guinness World Records recognized this as an official world record.

The Fight for Height
Nothing spectacular, just a few test videos of my various attempts to overcome the Law of Gravity. In glorious Tilt-O-Scope!

Detonation of 308 Element Clever-Lever Device for the World Record on March 21st, 2010
I broke my old record of 225 elements with this huge clever-lever gadget. It's a real blast!

Edifice Wrecks: A Geek Tragicomedy About the Fall of Man's Handiwork #1
A cool video I made during the Summer of 2008. It's Geek to me, but you'll be in Nerdvana after watching this!

And here's a link to a broadcast-quality Internet Archive version (123 MB):

Kinetic Art Movement...Constructed in the City of New York Mills, Minnesota in August of 2005 #1
My biggest and wildest kinetic-art video to date! It's over six minutes of non-stop action using many stunts never seen before.

And here's a link to a broadcast-quality Internet Archive version (340 MB):

It's Alive!
Another wacky project combining kinetic-art techniques with stop-motion animation.

Magic Domino
My first real foray into the world of stop-motion animation.

World Record Stick Bomb!
Detonation of a monster stick bomb with 2,102 sticks, my previous world record. More fun than you can *ahem* shake a stick at!

2009 Art Crawl Gadgets
Three modest gadgets I created for the April 2009 Saint Paul Art Crawl.

Test Detonation of World-Record Clever Lever Device
Test detonation of large clever-lever gadget with 225 exploding elements in my ongoing quest to make a really cool mechanical explosion.

Xyloexplosive Xperiments
A small collection of test footage from stick-bomb experiments.

From Here to There
A quirky little animation I made to test out some new ideas.

Large-Scale Test Detonation of Clever-Lever Structure with Moon Men #1
The biggest clever lever-based exploding structure built to date.

July 24th, 2010
Just a quick project as my way of participating in the Life in a Day documentary on YouTube.

Lunatim's Viral Video Challenge
In an attempt to get more views on YouTube for my recent video Frenetic Kinetics!, I created this promotional video to encourage more word-of-mouth advertising.

Assorted Kinetic Gadget Videos

A collection of kinetic-art gadgets made hither and yon and recorded with a digital camera.

Vintage Kinetic Gadget Videos

A collection of videos of my earliest gadgets transferred from VHS tape.

Animated GIFs of Kinetic Gadgets

A small collection of animated GIFs of kinetic art in action.

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